How do I use my SDN Package?

Hello! Thank you for purchasing your package with Odyssey Boards in collaboration with SDN. Your SDN package consists of 1x Longboard Fundamentals (Level 1), and 3x Longboard Dancing (Level 2).

This is a quick guide to help you with future bookings for your package, so make sure you bookmark this page!

1. Booking your first class: Longboard Fundamentals (Level 1)

After making your package purchase on Changi Recommends site, you would have booked your first class and received an email confirmation which looks like this.

2. Creating your account

You would also be receiving an email to create your class account, which looks like the screenshot below. This account will be used to book your future classes, i.e. 3x Longboard Dancing (Level 2).

3. Booking your future classes: 3x Longboard Dancing (Level 2)

Your account has been assigned a package to book your next 3 classes. To use this package, login to your account on our bookings page using the top right icon here.

Next, book your class by clicking the "Book Now" and selecting Longboard Dancing (Level 2). 

Remember to select the Longboard Rental option! Don't worry, it's covered in the package ;) 

Select your timeslots, pick your preferred instructor and click "Confirm booking". You can use your package credits in the next screen.

At the checkout page, tick the box beside your package and press 'Confirm' to finalize your booking. Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.