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Every longboard purchase entitles you to a free longboard fundamentals class. Our fundamentals class aim to equip you with the necessary skills to start exploring on your longboard.

* Classes are only valid in Singapore.

beginner longboard tutorials


Grasp the concept of balancing, pushing, and accelerating on a longboard safely.

longboard carving tutorial singapore

Turning & Carving

Learn how to turn in different directions on your longboard, building up to magnificent carves.

longboard class for beginners


Understand how to slow down and stop your longboard safely, with various speed-checking techniques.

How do I get my free longboard class?

1. After purchasing a longboard, you'll get an email with a unique discount code.
2. Proceed to book your fundamentals class here.
3. Simply use your code at checkout to get a free longboard class.

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