All Hands On Deck: A Covid-19 Initiative

Odyssey Boards Skateboard Longboard Sticker Pack

Covid-19 is the black swan of this new decade; All of us have already been impacted by this pandemic one way or another. While the virus is slowly but surely being contained in Singapore, what remains ahead still is a large uncertainty to all of us.

But one thing is for sure, that there are many other Singaporeans out there who need our help. While all of us are facing the same pandemic, the adverse impacts are not felt equally. Most of us are simply dealing with the frustration of not meeting our friends, but there are many others who fall into more vulnerable groups. There are high-risk/high-isolation elderly who live on their own and workers who have lost their jobs and even homes.

We started Odyssey Boards based on our values of inclusion and empowerment. Although our products are designed to help anyone pick up longboarding, we firmly believe our actions and reach can extend far beyond that. We want to give back to society, and we need your help as well. This is why we’re launching our very first sticker pack “All Hands On Deck”.

Odyssey Boards Skateboard Longboard Sticker Pack

All profits from the sale of the stickers will be donated to the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) who will be doing the following:

  • Make calls and send care packages for 1,000 high-risk/high-isolation senior citizens living alone. Critical home visits will also be made for extreme situations.
  • Provide interim vouchers for daily wage and part-time workers who lost their jobs, and families in need because of the pandemic.
  • Provide shelter to anyone with a genuine case during the circuit breaker.

“All Hands On Deck” is a sticker pack of 5 designs, calling for everyone to come together and help those in need. To see each sticker in detail, click here. These stickers were designed by local artist Toby Tan, who also designed our Nahoa Longboard.

Here’s a message from Toby: 

This series of stickers consisting of skate related graphics is but a small way that as an artist I can give back to those who need more help in our turbulent times. Every sticker is a reflection of our current situation with a playful skate twist.  Along with Odyssey Boards, I hope to do my part as a creative to help everyone tide over this period and get things back on track by helping one another out.

Like Toby said, we hope to enlist the help of everyone who’s capable of doing so. Social distancing shouldn’t mean losing human connection. We hope the sticker pack will give you a stronger reason to donate. Even if you can’t, the simplest gesture of sharing this with your friends will mean a lot.

Let’s have all hands on deck!