Why are your boards so cheap compared to other brands?

We are a locally based company hence there is a huge reduction in shipping and other costs that we are passing on to our customers. As skaters, we understand how the expensive prices of boards might deter beginners from picking up skating so we want to make skating as affordable as possible to our customers.

How do I get started on learning how to skate?

You can check out our Instagram (@odysseyboardco) where we partner with some of Singapore's best skaters to create step-by-step video tutorials which you can follow and learn at your own pace.

How do I find people to skate with?

Singapore has a community of longboard skaters who are very inclusive and welcoming of all skill levels. DockSession Singapore (@docksessionsg) is a crew that usually meet up every Sunday from 4pm – 10pm at Gate 14 of the 100 Plus Promenade at Singapore Sports Hub. Longboard Girls Crew Singapore (@lgcsg) is a female-only longboard crew that aims to empower women through longboarding and do regular meetups as well.

Are the boards covered by warranty?

We do not offer warranty for our boards as skating will naturally create wear and tear on the board. Don't worry as we have sold hundreds of boards and none of our customers came back with any issues. However, if you do receive a board with any defects, you can contact us for an exchange.