Say goodbye to
boring team events

Say hello to adventure

Anyone Can Skate🛹

We offer a wide range of classes for all needs and age ranges by
customising our programs to your requests.

From monthly interest groups to one time company events we're here to create
your dream event – the sky's the limit!

Team building events should be fun

dynamic and exciting. It should be tailored to your team's needs. With Odyssey Skate School, you'll be getting everyone on board in no time.

Why Odyssey Skate School?

We're glad you asked.
Discover why Odyssey is the 1st and top Longboard school in the country.

Registered and Certified Coaches

Our coaches have gone through intensive training to ensure the best quality - they're are first aid trained and registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).

Over a Decade of Experience

Besides coaching, our coaches are also dedicated skaters. They have been longboarding for over a decade, and bring this passion into their classes.

Foster Friendships – New and Old

With a multitude of team challenges, participants must work together and cheer each other on. Build bonds beyond the office or classroom!

Fun Speaks for Itself 😉


“Odyssey Boards provide a great student experience that balances safety and fun, and have created a strong community forum for Longboarding Club@ Meta Singapore..”


META Singapore


Arranged a corporate longboarding workshop sometime in 2022, shoutout to the Odyssey crew - we had a wonderful session with passionate coaches. The engagement they have with their community and customers is top-notch.


Schneider Electric WRC team


Our longboarding coaches delivered an exceptional session, going above and beyond for our students. They are prompt and efficient with every correspondence from the beginning. Highly recommended for an enriching and enjoyable longboarding experience!


Christ Church Secondary School

Trusted by our Partners

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