Should you get a Nalu Pintail or a Nahoa Kicktail Longboard?

Should you get a Nalu Pintail or a Nahoa Kicktail Longboard?

We released our Nalu longboard in collaboration with Haikini, and it has received an amazing response from the crowd. The Nalu Longboard is a 40 inch pintail longboard, and was inspired by the surfing roots of longboards. We’ve been getting plenty of questions from customers on whether the Nahoa or the Nalu is a better pick for them - so we decided to write this article.

Longboard tricks

Which longboard is better for tricks? What kind of tricks can you do on the Nalu and Nahoa Longboard? You’ll find out in this segment.

The defining difference between the Nahoa and the Nalu Longboards are their shapes. The Nahoa Longboard has a symmetrical shape with twin kicktails, while the Nalu Longboard is asymmetrical with a short kicktail only at the end. 

longboard freestyle pintail deck

These kicktails allow the Nahoa to be popped from both ends, making it more suitable for aggressive freestyle tricks. On the other hand, the Nalu’s pintail shape means there’s only a kicktail at the tail, making it more suitable for dancing and less aggressive freestyle tricks.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of tricks you can do on a pintail longboard. Here’s 10 tricks you can do on a pintail longboard

Carving and pumping

Carving refers to creating an S shape line by turning as you’re moving. This recreates a surf-like feeling while you’re on the board, and also helps moderate your speed. Meanwhile, pumping allows you to generate speed without your feet having to leave the board.

Both the Nalu and Nahoa are constructed with a bamboo-maple hybrid, giving it a comfortable flex to execute both carving and pumping. However, the Nalu is higher off the ground, giving its rider more room to make deeper carves and pump harder. 

If you’re looking for a longboard that’s more suited for cruising, the Nalu will be a worthy longboard to add to your arsenal. You’ll love the feeling of carving and pumping - it feels almost similar to surfing! 

What should you get?

Well, here’s the bottom line - it depends on what style of riding you’re looking for. If you’re planning on picking up more aggressive freestyle tricks, we’d recommend the Nahoa Longboard. On the flip side, if you’re planning to go for a cruise and love the carving feel, we’d suggest the Nalu Longboard. It’s an amazing deck for dancing too! 

If you’re looking at getting your first longboard, please read this article before deciding. And if you’re not even sure if you want a longboard or cruiser, you’re in luck - check out this guide.

As always, please contact us if there’s any other aspects you’re unsure about. You can reach us at our email or slide into our DMs on instagram.