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Picking up longboarding is daunting - but, don't worry, we've all been there before! With our small group classes, you'll get undivided attention. Our experienced team of instructors are here to take you from through the basics so you can start exploring Singapore on your longboard, or landing your dancing and freestyle tricks.

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Use your Spark Connections credits to get 50% off this special class. Fundamentals, Dancing and Board Rental all included.

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Our Satisfied Students


Extremely fun activity to do especially with the experienced coaches from odyssey boards! We managed to master the basic long board stuff in this lesson!

longboard beginner classes
Ivan Kok Hao



What a fun experience! Fendi was a patient and very informative instructor and we were able to get moving on the board really quickly. Highly recommend!!

longboard beginner lessons


Level 1: Longboard Fundamentals

How do you get started on longboarding? Our longboard fundamentals class are carefully designed to get our students on board (literally)! Learn how to basics of skating so you can start cruising around or progress to other tricks.

beginner longboard tutorials


Grasp the concept of balancing, pushing and accelerating on a longboard safely.

longboard carving tutorial singapore

Turning & Carving

Learn how to turn in different directions on your longboard, building up to magnificent carves.

longboard class for beginners


Understand how to slow down and stop your longboard safely, with various speed-checking techniques.

Level 2: Longboard Dancing

Longboard Dancing involves walking and carving your longboard. It can either be done gracefully or aggressively depending on your style of riding. Our instructors with years of experience are ready to teach you the secrets to longboard dancing.

how to balance on a longboard


Longboard dancing demands great balance, and our instructors are here to guide you towards success.

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Weight Distribution

Shifting your foot placement while dancing can be tricky. You'll get undivided attention in our small group classes to overcome this.

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Creating Flow

Besides nailing individual tricks, you'll also learn to chain them together to create your longboard line.

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Longboard dancing package

Accelerate your dancing

Go From Zero to Hero

Our longboard dance package is designed to kickstart your dancing journey - even if you don't have a longboard. Get 4 classes for the price of 3, with FREE longboard rental for all classes (U.P $60). Longboard dancing doesn't get any easier than this.

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4 for the price of 3

Purchasing the bundle gives you an additional longboard class for free.

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Free longboard rental

Longboards are provided (U.P $60) so you needn't commit to any purchases.

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Exclusive discount codes

Should you decide to get an Odyssey Longboard, you'll get a special price.