Skate for Good - Giving Back with Our Surfskates

Skate for Good - Giving Back with Our Surfskates

Odyssey Boards will donate 10% of its profits from surfskates to help communities impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To follow up on our Skate For Trees project, we’re kickstarting our Skate For Good initiative with the launch of our surfskate line

10% of profits from the sale of every surfskate will be donated to help countries in need with the Covid-19 pandemic going on. We are starting with Bali, one of southeast Asia’s treasures and a surfing hotspot. We will be donating a share of profits from the sale of our Uluwatu and Canggu surfskates to help the locals who have been severely impacted by the pandemic, as well as to maintain the surf spots.

bali canggu surfing
Source: Zaur Giyasov

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its mountains, rice fields, and amazing surf spots. Most importantly, it is known for the friendly and hospitable locals who warmly welcome anyone who reaches their shores. We named our surfskates Uluwatu and Canggu to pay tribute to the beautiful surf spots, which were always bustling with surfers who were seeking their dose of adrenaline. However, this has become a thing of the past - Covid19 has upended tourism in Bali which the local economy heavily depends on. Tourists are gone, jobs have been lost and families are struggling to feed themselves. 

Impact is one of our core pillars which drives us to give everyone the adventure they deserve. As long as we’re here, we’ll be doing whatever we can do make a lasting impact. 

We will be partnering with Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) Bali Impact, which was founded in 2017. SOS Bali provides meals to those in need and reduces food wastage all in a sustainable manner. Since its inception in Bali, SOS Bali has served 1.22 million meals, rescued 29,08 tons of food surplus, and reduced 552 tons of CO2. We believe the values of SOS Bali aligns with ours and we will be working together in the long term to maximise our impact. 

Join us today on our mission to help give everyone the ability to embark on their adventures. If you're keen to find out more about how SOS Bali engages the community, you can visit their site.