The Flip Side

Man commuting on longboard
So you’ve gotten your first board, be it a cruiser board, longboard or skateboard. You’re excited to be an even greener citizen and switch your mode of transport to your new board. I’m sure there’s many questions you have about...
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How to choose your first cruiser board
A cruiser board is like the love child of the longboard and the skateboard. It's equipped with the longboard's capability to give you a comfortable ride, yet it's as portable as a skateboard. Here's how you can make sure you get the best bang for your buck when buying your first cruiser.
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Downhill Longboarding
Have you ever wondered how beautifully carved decks of wood found themselves on two pairs of wheels, and eventually on concrete ground? Well, that was something we asked ourselves when we just started longboarding. Today we’re here to answer that...
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