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How to tackle urban obstacles while cruising
There are several obstacles you'll meet while commuting on your longboard: Kerbs, cracks, pebbles, puddles, and people. Here is a guide on how you can overcome them and get the most out of your commute or leisurely cruise.
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10 beginner tricks you can do on your pintail longboard
Pintail longboards are characterised by their signature surfboard-shaped deck. These longboards are extremely versatile - when combined with the proper performance components, they make one of the best options for cruising and carving. But, they're also capable of dishing out some steezy tricks.
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Can your longboard get wet?
Well, the short answer is yes. Most longboards are designed to be sturdy, durable and somewhat water resistant. But to be more detailed, let’s look at various factors in determining how to better protect your longboard after it gets wet. Sometimes, it might not be worth it.
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