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Welcome to episode 2 of the Meet The Community (MTC) series! MTC is a series of blogs where we interview longboarders in Singapore to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes. With the longboarding community growing steadily in Singapore, we figured it’ll be helpful to let you know the different groups out there better!

Finding a group to skate with can provide a huge boost in morale in improving yourself. If you haven’t read our previous interview with DockSession yet, you can find it here. We’ve also shared some places where you can skate in Singapore, and some places where you can skate and eat

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In this episode, we interviewed two ladies from the Longboard Girls Crew Singapore (LGCSG). LGCSG is a branch of the Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) which was formed in Madrid back in 2010. The aim of LGC was to introduce more ladies to the sport through a safe community and showing them how accessible longboarding is. Now, LGC has grown to be one of the largest communities in longboarding, with a presence in over 180 countries. They’ve also created some amazing videos! Check out our favourite one:

LGCSG was formed in October 2011 with the aim to create a close-knit community for female skaters to unite and empower each other. In this interview Joey and Sandy shared about their beginnings, what made them stay in LGCSG and some tips for beginners! 

Joey (@pink_flauros

classy longboard ladyclassy longboard lady chanel

When did you pick up longboarding and what inspired you to do so?

It was pretty random! My friend came to my parkour class with a penny board once, and I was so intrigued by it that googled up on longboarding and found Docksession!

How did you find out about the Longboard Girls Crew? What made you stay?

If I recall correctly, I met some girls at Docksession who told me about LGC.

What I really like about LGC is the current community! It's a safe space for girls from all backgrounds to learn about longboarding. We have girls in their teens, 20s and 30s, from different races, countries and occupations! (Fun fact: We have students, a chef, a acrobat, an author, a teacher and a counsellor in our telegram chat). 

Girls organise cruise and skate sessions among themselves, many of them meeting each other for the first time during those sessions! The girls who are more experienced also share tips and information, which I think is pretty cool.

What is your most memorable moment with LGC?

Hmmmm... I don't really have a moment that is the most memorable, but it's always a great feeling to teach a girl and see her do a trick for the first time (her joy is usually immeasurable!)

longboard in sentosa

I guess a fun time that I recall was when we organised a skate trip to Sentosa. It was a day of chill vibes as we played, skated and relaxed at the beach. I really hope that one day, when the current situation improves, we can organise another beach skate session, or, (without sounding too ambitious) an overseas skate trip to meet the other LGC girls in other countries! 

What do you love most about longboarding?

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The feeling of flying as you dance on your board, the adrenaline rush and sound of your heart beating, as well as the sense of achievement which you unlock a new trick. I also like to have fun by dancing in all sorts of clothes (work wear, yukatas, cosplay, etc)

What’s one piece of advice you wish you received when you just started longboarding?

Go for it and have fun. And join LGC as soon as you can!


longboarder silhouette

When did you pick up longboarding and what inspired you to do so?

I picked up longboarding last year. I saw a friend skating one, found it interesting as it’s not the normal skateboard.

How did you find out about Longboard Girls Crew? What made you stay?

I went to one of Docksession’s meetups with a friend and found out about LGC from the girls there. As I was interested in dancing, I stayed to learn from them.

What is your most memorable moment with LGC? It doesn’t have to be skating, it can be anything under the sun :)

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Source: LGCSG Facebook

Every session is memorable, as we cruise and dance together, we also hangout for bubble tea and sometimes dinner.

What do you love most about longboarding?

Every time I nail a trick or dance step, then incorporate it in a line. It’s satisfying when I see it in a video also.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you received when you just started longboarding?

longboard girls supporting each other

Source: LGCSG Facebook

Never be afraid to fall - sometimes a trick can be hard to land. And as I tend to fall, I sometimes get afraid to do a trick which I fell while doing before. To girls who want to pick up longboarding: Never be afraid to skate, no matter what style, we girls root and support each other!

Getting in touch with the Longboard Girls Crew 

If you’re a lady looking to pick up longboarding, and want a group of friendly, supportive friends to skate with, we definitely recommend approaching LGCSG. You can contact them on their Instagram page or Facebook page.

And if you haven’t gotten yourself a longboard yet, here’s a handy guide. Once you’re ready, check out our other beginner guides like 5 simple steps to get started and the basics of longboarding

Happy skating and keep spreading the stoke!

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